About Frances

Inspired by the rhythms of nature Frances teaches a flowing yoga practice supported by breath and embodied movement.  Tuning into the landscape we can root ourselves in the presence of our own life, and uncover inner stillness and unity.


Frances’s yoga journey began in the wild woods of her adolescence, guided by a book she found in her parents' attic.  Meditation, yoga, chanting and inquiry have led her to teachers in the UK, elsewhere in Europe and also India for guidance and retreat.  Now, after more than two decades spent exploring diverse landscapes and cultures around the world, she feels deeply privileged to be teaching this beautiful art herself.   


Frances's practice is interwoven with insights from many traditions - Buddhist to Celtic - and from her direct experiences of nature, working as a gardener in all seasons.   Throughout 2018 she studied with the School of Body-mind centring, exploring somatic movement through embodied anatomy.  She is ever curious about the mind of our body, the intelligence, the mystery and the art of living and moving.


In her teaching she aims to cultivate an atmosphere of gratitude, acceptance and courage where each individual is able to follow their own path while being part of an even greater journey.   She shares her experience and insights through teaching yoga and meditation, writing and talks; on retreat days and workshops, and through regular classes. 


Frances is spending some time wandering, wondering, seeking, serving, singing and meditating at the moment and has no fixed base.  She now guides yoga and meditation practices online from wherever she finds herself, which is mostly in Spain.


 'She creates a space that vibrates with integrity, truth, love and steady support'  Emma



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