Online Yoga and Guided Meditation

Frances teaches regular live online yoga classes and guided meditations so you can join from the comfort of your own home or from wherever you are in the world! 




~Sunday Morning Yoga 9-10am  

~Tuesday Evening Guided Meditation 9-9.45pm



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 One to Ones and Private Group Sessions


If you would like to meet online for a one to one or group session of yoga, meditation or to discuss your practice, please get in touch.


These sessions are all offered entirely on donation. More about this below.




I happily offer all my sessions in the tradition of dana, or donation.  Dana literally means seed.


You are invited into this way of being together beyond the usual monetary framework of fixed price.  Free to give and receive from the seed of generosity.


Giving freely of our gifts with no expectation or demand, a loosening happens.  We practice in a place outside of contractual agreements and a sense of ownership.  We meet one another in an open field.


Your donations are always very welcome and support me in my daily living, which includes food, travel and internet costs as well as giving gifts for the teachings I receive.


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