13. September 2019
Swallows swooped and whistled, insects settled, and an eagle glided high above. The light on the hill across the valley drew up a veil of shadow from the ground. My breath was music through my flute and the sound of my footsteps a drum beat that soothed me. Nothing grand or spectacular seemed to happen in the month I spent alone off-grid in the wild. It was remarkably simple and easy.
24. July 2019
Water pours from a crack in the rocks near here. Maiden’s hair and mint cluster around the opening. I love to scoop water to my thirsty mouth and hot face directly from it. Just imagining myself doing that even feels good. What is that feeling? Coolness, Freshness, Vitality, Immediacy, Simplicity?
06. June 2019
After some time lying down alongside the shoreline recently, really close to the water’s edge in a secluded rocky bay, I sat up and peered into the sea. Gently pulsating there was a pink jellyfish. So close. Moving even closer, I could see her movement was created by some meeting between the momentum of lapping waves and her own pulse. As though sea and jelly form had been together for so long that they had taken on each other’s ways. A marriage of wave and pulse.
15. May 2019
Standing alone in the forest the other day, it felt good to be in the company of trees. I resisted the urge to continue walking, and stayed for a long time. I can still feel that experience in my body. A gentle swaying and creaking. A sense in my own axis - spine, spinal cord, gut tube – of nourishment and warmth. Soft, light, dewy heartwood. Spending a whole day in near silence, beside a lake recently was also pretty cool. Allowing myself to be in the presence of the lake, in communion,...
26. April 2019
Sitting underneath a huge stone placed here by the people of the Pyrenees thousands of years ago, I was surprised at how weightless the mass above me felt. Like it was floating. The giant capstone touches the stones beneath in just a few places, so that there is a lot of space around the edges where light comes in and I can see trees and sky outside. Of course the slab of stone above me is actually super heavy and I can only wonder at the effort needed to move it here. I wonder at the momentum...
12. April 2019
Cuckoos have arrived here this week! Their voices come out from wide green forest canopies and into me. A low two note tone that I sometimes also hear when I play my wooden flute. They seem to belong here in these woods, yet for half the year they live on the other side of the Sahara desert. Swallows are here too, just being themselves. Chirrupping on the wire and swooping in figure of eights in a way that says, ‘we belong everywhere’. It is easy to come to conclusions about why birds might...
05. April 2019
A few weeks ago, we left our Island home and began travelling in a self-converted tiny van. We find ourselves on the 'Wild Coast' of Spain... Wandering this new landscape, following my nose, I feel closer to this place and the life here... A flower or leaf catches my eye and I lean in...eyes closed I inhale the aroma... minty, sweet, earthy, bitter, lemony...it is pure and simple pleasure. Breathing in the scent of lavender, rose, jasmine, mint, wisteria, pine, rosemary... is a precious simple...

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