Workshops & Retreats 2018

Sunday 4 February - Meditation morning

At my home studio in Shide

As light returns more noticeably and Spring begins to unfurl, we celebrate life through meditation, pranayama and chant.  I will also offer a talk about cultivating our own practice and planning a morning or day of self-retreat.  Meditation can be sitting or lying.

9.30am - 12noon, on donation



Sunday 22 April - Silent retreat day

At The Woodland Retreat in Fishbourne

Resting into the support of a retreat environment for one day, we will explore our experience of silence through guided and silent meditation, pranayama, yoga and a talk.  Our meditation will be sitting, lying and walking. There will be breaks for tea and lunch.  Please Bring a packed lunch.

9am - 5pm, £10 towards room hire + donation

'The retreat provided an opportunity to check in with myself and take time out to 'listen' to my physical and emotional state within a gentle and supportive environment'  (Clare)

Workshops & Retreats 2017

November 19 - Meditation morning

'Meditation has no beginning and no end; in it there is no achievement and no failure...' Krisnamurti

I love walking up mountains, and sitting and looking at mountains - the stillness, the silence and the peace. Sometimes in meditation it feels that way too. Sometimes it doesn't. Meditation can help us move outside of fixed ideas about achievement and failure.
Join me for guided and silent meditation, breathing practice and gentle movement. 

9.00  - 12.00 on donation

March 19  - Spring Yoga Day

Meeting the beauty of Spring with breath, meditation and movement.  A dynamic Hatha flow in the morning and gentler afternoon practice.  Bring and share veggie lunch.

Please get in touch to book your space.

10am - 4pm £35

May 21 - Silent Meditation Day

It has been said that silence is an endangered species!  It can certainly feel like a rare and precious thing.  Yet we all need silence.  It supports an intimacy of awareness, listening and clarity, helps us to find space, rest, openness and peace.  Together we will be in silence for one day; meditating, walking, practicing yoga, eating and resting.  You are so welcome to join me if you are new to meditation or very experienced, or anything in-between!

Please get in touch to book your space.

9am - 5pm £10 towards venue hire + donation for teachings