Enough - Accepting The Generous Gifts of The Harvest

Picking handfuls of ripe juicy gooseberries last week I felt some awe and wonder.  I asked 'How is it possible that such abundance and generosity exists?'   My punnet was overflowing and every other gooseberry made it into my mouth!  This spiky little bush was dripping with fruit.  'Could it really be meant for me?'


When I pick the fruits of the harvest it feels that accepting and sharing these gifts of nature is part of what it is to be alive.  Beyond the parts of myself that see fruit picking as a time consuming chore, there is deep and joyful acceptance of the gift of life happening. This act of human picking fruit feels ancient and raw.


Sometimes in our life a pattern of noticing a need followed by an awareness of lack can become so engrained and familiar that we accept it as truth.  The truth of 'I lack'.  We get stuck in a scarcity mentality rut where it seems as though there is never enough of what we need and we need to somehow get more.  This can feed a dull anxiety that keeps us from fully taking part in generosity.  


One way to move out of this rut could be to notice the generous gifts of life that can so easily be taken for granted - a breath of air, a fruit picked from a tree and eaten, the company of another person or animal- this observation can help us re-orientate away from lack and towards enough. When we feel we have enough then we can begin to share it out so that our feeling of enoughness seeps into our community and generosity expands and spreads.  We enter into a cycle of abundance where feeling enoughness and being generous leads us back to feeling enough.   

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