Bones and Mountains


I have just arrived home after spending some time in the mountains on a Body-Mind Centering course about the Skeletal system.  


I have had a wonder-filled and inspiring journey into bones.  Discovering my being deep inside my bones, and meeting others through their bones in movement and touch.


Being in the mountains has been a precious time too.  Feeling the mineral connection between bone and stone, and waking every day to the vastness of the landscape.  Resting into the particular tone of silence that vibrates in the mountains, and exploring new ways to move, breathe, touch and be.


We can often feel that our self, that which is 'me', is somehow located in our brain, or behind our eyes, or some other particular or loose place in our bodies.  The place on our chest where we would point to when saying 'who, me?'  Exploring a sense of 'me-ness' in tibia, rib, sacrum or elbow joint can feel like a fresh discovery.  Freeing us up from fixed ideas about our identity, and broadening the possibilities of who we think we are.


I am so happy to be continuing to share these explorations and discoveries with you through our yoga and meditation practice!


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