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26. August 2021
Sitting on top of the ridge. The gentle warmth of the setting sun mingling with my body heat. The cloak of night, with a waning moon hung from its tip, rises up my back. I have just had the wonderful fortune of spending two weeks in solo retreat in the Spanish hills. Being caretaker of the beautiful off grid home belonging to some friends. A place where my teacher once hosted meditation retreats. I have been in this remote valley in the company of six cats, five chickens and two cheeky goats...
13. September 2019
Swallows swooped and whistled, insects settled, and an eagle glided high above. The light on the hill across the valley drew up a veil of shadow from the ground. My breath was music through my flute and the sound of my footsteps a drum beat that soothed me. Nothing grand or spectacular seemed to happen in the month I spent alone off-grid in the wild. It was remarkably simple and easy.

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